Estamos llegando en Europa a una situación tan grotesca en cuanto a política demográfica, que se practica el llamado etnomasoquismo, es decir la política de extinción de la raza europea, medianbte políticas antinatalistas, mientras, por otro lado se fomenta la inmigración de gentes de razas de “color” y se promociona la adopción de bebés procedentes de China. No estamos ante una política de cretinos suicidas (Lo cual sería inconcebible): Parece un plan deliberado para destruir la cohesión de Europa y de los países de –todavia..´– mayoría “blanca”, como USDA, Canadá, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Argentina, etc.

Como testimonio de lo que ocurre es significativo el caso de Suecia. 

Lo que sigue lo tomamos del blog la yijadeneurabia :

¡Qué locura! Este testimonio de un lector de Gates of Viena  es aleccionador:

Si tuvieran un tercer hijo, su mujer dejaría de trabajar, por lo que dejarían de ganar unos 2000 dólares mensuales. En cambio, los inmigrantes, cuantos más hijos tienen, mayores casas y más ayudas sociales reciben, pagadas por los suecos con sus impuestos. Lo mejor de todo: si se quejan, los políticos, los periodistas y los profesores de universidad les llaman xenófobos


….. Y esta es la información dada por el blog Gates of Vienna:

Demographic Genocide

by Baron Bodissey

In the comments on last night’s post about the the dire situation of bloggers in Sweden, Skalman gave a concise and lucid description of the demographic mess that the Swedes find themselves in.

It’s worth reproducing here in its entirety. I’ve edited it slightly for spelling, punctuation, and clarity.



Not all of us are interested in committing demographic suicide. However: you miss a few vital points here that can explain the low birthrates of the native Swedes and other Europeans.

One: High taxes. The tax pressure in Sweden and in the rest of Europe makes a lot of people crumble. As an example: Every dollar I make costs my employer (at least) two dollars because he has to pay a fee (tax) to the state that is just about equal to what I earn. On top of that he has to pay VAT (25%), energy tax (even VAT on the energy tax [I know, it’s madness]), environmental tax and so on when he buys raw material and electricity to run the machines.

On top of this he also has to pay a state tax of 30% of the yearly profit.

When I get my salary I, for a starter, will have to pay 30% in tax. I will have to pay VAT (25%) whenever I buy something and when I buy gasoline ($2/liter) only about 25% is an actual cost for the fuel and the remaining 75% of the price is made up of different taxes such as energy tax, environmental tax and on top of that VAT.

The total tax pressure here are estimated to a total of about 70% of the monthly wages.

The taxpayers carry such a heavy burden that every child is a question of economy. This is in large part due to the fact that we, as taxpayers, have to support at least 60,000 new “Swedes” every year and this has been going on for the last thirty or so years, and it is now taking a tremendous toll on ordinary people’s income.

At the same time we see a decrease in the resources of the National Health Service, public schools, the judicial system, military, and so on.

The reason for not making babies in Europe is, to make it short, that we have to support a large number of cuckoo-babies that our leaders and moral elite have forced upon us without really asking for our permission and at the same time they (and a bunch of others) have managed to build a system of oppression that effectively deals with anyone daring to question this madness.

Finally, hoping that all this text has made some impression other than confused, I will give you an example:
– – – – – – – –
My wife and I, together earning more than average here, are in the position that we have to ask ourselves if we can afford to have a third child, because when my wife (pediatrician) is home for maternity leave we lose about $2000 every month. Not one single family with income such as ours is able to sustain their normal life with such a loss.

As an opposite example: Any family on social welfare can have as many babies as they like and do not have to ask themselves whether they can afford it or not. The welfare system takes care of it all, and if they need a bigger apartment, that is paid for by the social security system even if this happens to be a family with (already) fifteen children.

They can have as many babies as they want and the expenses are paid for by me and other taxpayers who at the same time can’t afford to have babies of our own since we have to pay for imported cuckoos.

There you have a strong reason for the demographic suicide that you write about. To me, living in the midst of this upcoming hell, it looks more like demographic genocide than anything else.




  1. Kano Says:

    Pues que luchen esos pijos nórdicos,ellos sólo piensan en playas mediterráneas y ellas en enseñar el piercing del ombligo,¡que se pongan las pilas!,los rusos están teniendo hijos pues están viendo lo que trae la inmigración chusmosa,¿que hacen los nórdicos?,pues eso,NADA:pocos hijos,multiculturales,amigos de los inmigrantes,y miles de niños y niñas bellos,rubios con ojos azules sin nacer…

    El resurgimiento blanco llegará…

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